LEDs offer numerous benefits

LED offer numerous benefits due to their mode of operation: Energy Efficiency LEDs are highly efficient. In traffic signal lights, a strong market for LEDs, a red traffic signal head … Continue Reading →

5 months before nearly doubling production of LED products

Guangdong Province has organized the implementation of the two batches of strategic emerging industries core technology research projects, the provincial government has invested one billion yuan, focusing on support for … Continue Reading →

In the first half than in 2010, Hainan public lighting energy-saving 8.7 million degrees over the same period

From the Hainan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban learned, Hainan completed at the end of the city’s public lighting energy-saving mission, energy saving effect is obvious, the first half … Continue Reading →

LED industry analysis of regional development

After years of development , China ‘s LED industry has formed a relatively complete industrial chain , the formation of Shanghai , Dalian , Nanchang, Xiamen and Shenzhen, more than … Continue Reading →

LED industry into a disorderly competition enterprises how to choose ?

This year the whole situation is favorable LED industry , many large enterprises have expanded production capacity , introduced to the market demand for new energy-saving products , or even … Continue Reading →

Electricity supplier change ” handwork ” culture into the LED business emerging strategies

In the LED industry , there is no shortage hesitant type boss. They are very susceptible to outside influence, lack of independent claims. Electric district has such a sentence: The … Continue Reading →

Analysis : LED industrial policy lurks a hidden danger

led lighting industry a huge potential economic and social benefits , the world of research and production of LED are very seriously. From technology first developed , industrial policy to … Continue Reading →

Smart home industry competition getting fierce increasingly improved product features

With 3C technology ( ie, computer technology, network communication technology, information control technology ) , the rapid development and wide application through effective information transmission, home security, highly integrated intelligent … Continue Reading →

Resolution Microscope LED on the development of strategic emerging industries

LED (Light-EmittingDiode, acronym LED) is a light-emitting diode is short, the second half of 2009 , LED market big leap as high-growth emerging industries, is expected to 2015 , LED … Continue Reading →

LED companies need to do what it takes to go further, faster

With semiconductor lighting technology, semiconductor lighting products gradually been incorporated into the scope of government subsidies , but it is understood , the actual completion of the situation is not … Continue Reading →