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led light Energy Consumption
2013-10-19 23:13:02


The new US Department of Energy report estimates that the rapid adoption of LEDs for general lighting applications should cut U.S. consumers’ energy bills by approximately $120 billion in just 20 years and save 1,488 terawatts¹ of power in the same time frame. By switching to energy-efficient LEDs, total US lighting power consumption could be cut 25% by 2030.²
¹ A terawatt is equivalent to one trillion (1012) watts.
² Source:

Matrix Lighting offers a highly competitively priced line of Viribright branded LED that are a truly “green” as compared to standard incandescent and mercury laden CFLs (Compact Fluorescent). VIRIBRIGHT LED lamps use 80-90% less energy than an incandescent bulb and 30-50% less than CFLs, significantly reducing power consumption and helping to achieve global energy conservation goals. LED light bulbs generate very little heat, transferring most of their energy directly into light and eliminating excessive heat buildup that can adversely affect energy costs.

Comparatives in Lamp Technologies


CFLs Incandescent Lamps
Labeled Lifespan >25,000 hrs 5,000 hrs 1,000 hrs
Durability Plastic - Durable Glass - Fragile Glass - Fragile
Heat Emission Low Medium High
Body Temperature 50°C - 70°C >100°C >150°C
Energy Efficient Excellent Good Bad
Flickers No Yes No
Instant On Yes No Yes
Impact Resistance Good Poor Poor
Hazardous Materials No Yes No
UV Radiation No Yes No
100% Recyclable Yes No No

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